Checking Trail Cameras In June - More Pack Wheel Fat Tire Testing

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Selfie of Kb and The DIY Hunter, hiking in with a Pack Wheel and a Mineral block

My youngest hunting bud KB along for the hike and helping me by taking photos and video.  

Hiking Uphill with Pack Wheel

Climbing a steeper grade with a 50 lb mineral block and around 70+ pounds of gear.

hiking in with a Pack Wheel and a Mineral block.

Hiking past a Browning Strike Force Trail camera.

Big Black Bear Browning Trail Camera Photo

The big Black Bear that I get on occasion on my trail cameras. Notice his size compared to me in the photo just above this photo. 

Exactly one month ago I checked my cameras that I had left out for the winter and took in more. I also was testing a fatter tire system on the Pack Wheel. On this trip up the mountain I wanted to test the fatty tire a little more.

KB was my helper for this trip on the mountain. He was excited to be out on the mountain with dad. We also had to take his Micro Midas BL-22 just in case we came across a coyote. He wants to shoot one really bad. It's pretty cute. He has visions of getting rich off the $50 bounty the state of Utah has on them to help with the deer herd. I like his inthusasium. He has over the years realized that getting a coyote isn't as easy as it looks on the hunting videos.

On this trip in a picked up a little larger mineral block that weighs in at 50 lbs. I used the Pack Wheel to haul in this block another trail camera, 80 AA rechargeable batteries, 3 liters of Powerade, a gallon zip lock baggie full of granular B&J mineral lick, and a shovel. I didn't weigh it but I can safely say it was over 70 pounds of added weight to the Pack Wheel.

Like I have said in the past I have clearly found that minerals don't bring in the critters. They just help me get photos of the critters that are already there. I was very surprised thinking that I might have more elk and larger deer show up. This just hasn't been the case. I have yet to even get a four point buck on camera at the location I like to put out the mineral, and that's in over three years of putting the mineral out and having cameras watching it. I also still get very few elk at all on the two cameras I have by the mineral drop area. Now if an elk or deer is at the mineral drop location they will stick around for a bit to get a lick of the mineral but by far minerals are no magic attractant.

A secondary reason for hauling in the mineral blocks is that it provides me a great way to test the Pack Wheel during the summer and provide Pack Wheel upper body exercise. There is no way I would be hauling in 50 lb blocks of mineral on my back without the Pack Wheel as it easily as it greatly helps. 

Like last time out I am testing a few new things with the Pack Wheel, primarily the fatter wheel and tire. While I have found that a fatter tire and wheel to be considerably more expensive to build I haven't found it to be earth shatteringly better than the fat 2.35 wide tires currently offered on the 26/29er builds. Don't get me wrong, the fatter tire is nice and works well. I just wouldn't run out and upgrade my current wheel to this one on my Pack Wheel. If I was shopping for a Pack Wheel I think the fatter tire option is something to consider.

It was nice having KB along with me on this trip. I like spending one on one time with my kids. KB was great at taking photos and video of me testing the Pack Wheel on the trip in. He was a trooper and we both got in some great exercise not returning home until around 11pm. Oops, momma wasn't too happy as KB had camp Kiesel to go to early in the morning the next day.

On the way in we notice a lot of bear sign. My second camera had been turned upside down and had chew marks in it. A bear had messed with it just hours after I put it out a full month ago. no images from that camera.

At my third camera there was mud wiped across the camera. Yep, the footage shows another bear. And at this camera I also got a couple good photos of the large Black Bear I have seen before up there on my trail cameras.

Approaching the fourth camera along my route an ant bed had recently been ripped up with a log being pulled out of the ground. this was  just to the side of the camera. You can see a little of the bear's back in the video that was captured of the bear raiding the ant mound.

I like getting the bears on camera I just wish they would leave my cameras alone. I'm pretty sure their noses are able to track down the cameras so easily.

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I've been having a little sluggish #moosemonday today. The weekend wasn't long enough to get nearly enough accomplished. #diyhntr #browningtrailcams #trailcameras #outdoorlife #outdoors #hunting #getoutdoors #getoutside #browning #moose #wildlife #trailcameras #trailcam #trailcamera @browningtrailcams

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How about #moosemonday with this little guy at the watering hole. @diyhntr packs in a shovel almost every trip to dig out this spring to form a little pool of water. It's amazing how doing this attracts the critters to the pool so they can get their picture taken. #packwheel #wildlife #mountainlife #getoutdoors #getoutside #outdoorlife #outdoors #wildlifephotography #moose #trailcam #trailcamera #browning #browningtrailcameras #browningtrailcams #trailcameras #trailcam #trailcams

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We often hear comments like "the Pack Wheel looks like it will only go on good trails." In actuality we take Pack Wheels all over the place off trail. Here's an example from out checking trail cameras where we are climbing up the mountain using game trails with around 70 pounds of gear, which included a 50 lb mineral block. Because we don't always travel on well groomed trails we like to really beef up our custom built wheels to handle the punishment of rocks and limbs. #packwheel #backpacking #backcountry #hikingtrail #hikinggear #hiking #mountainlife #huntutah #utahhunting #gamecarts #outdoorlife #outdoors #hunting #getoutdoors #getoutside #kneesaver #trailcameras #trailcam #trailcamera #

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Traveling overgrown game trails checking trail cameras with 70 pounds of gear. Our new gear panniers and our meat panniers are designed to go through brush like this and stay securely in place. #packwheel #getoutdoors #getoutside #trailcameras #trailcam #trailcamera #browning #browningtrailcameras #outdoorlife #outdoors #hunting #kneesaver #huntutah #utahhunting #gamecarts #hikingcart #hikinggear #hiking #hikeutah

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#trailcamtuesday with this young bull elk passing by one of my @browningtrailcams Enjoy, Brady aka @diyhntr #trailcamera #trailcameras #packwheel #browningtrailcameras #browningtrailcams #getoutdoors #getoutside #browning #browningcams #elk #outdoors #outdoorlife #elkhunting #utahhunting #huntutah

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Here's the not so great footage of the black bear that took out the ant bed to the side of my trail camera. A couple photos before this post you can see how I found the location of my camera. #blackbear @browningtrailcams #diyhntr #browningtrailcameras #browning #browningcams #browningtrailcams #trailcameras #trailcam #trailcamera

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#wapitiwednesday with one of the small bulls stopping in to give me a bump on my #trailcam @browningtrailcams #trailcameras #browningtrailcams #browningcams #outdoorlife #outdoors #hunting #getoutdoors #getoutside #browning #elk #elkselfie

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Quite the tassel this bull moose has on his bell. #trailcamtuesday #diyhntr #moose #wildlife #trailcameras #trailcam #trailcamera #browning #browningtrailcameras #outdoorlife #outdoors #hunting #getoutdoors #getoutside @browningtrailcams #browningcams #trailcams

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Bull Elk Browning Trail Camera Photo

Two young bull elk that have stopped by the mineral block a couple times in the pat month. The only elk to come into the minerals.

Moose Selfie Browning Trail Camera Photo

A bull moose getting a selfie on a Browning Strike Force trail camera.

Bull Elk Browning Trail Camera Photo

One of the young bulls that is frequenting the area.

Black Bear Browning Trail Camera Photo

The smaller of the two bears that are in the area. This bear is the one that has been getting my cameras. Including this camera just after this photo was taken.

Black Bear Browning Trail Camera Photo

The big Black Bear. This guy is a pig.