Motorized Pack Wheel - Hauling Trail Cameras and Mineral Blocks

Pack Wheel 29er with Electric Motor

Here's my XL 29er Pack Wheel with e-bike motor installed. With the e-bike kit installed it increased the weight by 8-9 pounds. These 250W motors aren't light. I wonder how much the 500W motors weigh.


Motorized Hiking Cart

Nearing the top of the area with my motorized Pack Wheel game cart.


Digging out elk wallow

My cousin Chase hard at work digging out the wallow I like to watch with a trail camera. It's amazing how digging out this little water hole really attracts the critters to come and drink out of it. Chase was a great help on this trip and does a darn good job running the video camera as you can see in the video below.


Browning Strike Force BTC-5HD trail camera

Here's a new Strike Force BTC-5HD trail camera. Even though the packaging states that it will only use up to a 32 gig SD card I am using a 64 gig card in this camera. The video files on this camera are really good quality but very large in disk size. This camera takes AVI video like previous Browning trail cameras while the new Recon Force BTC-7FHD camera takes even higher quality videos and stores them in a MP4 format that takes up less space on the disk. Recon Force BTC-7FHD cameras can only take up to 32 gig SD cards.


250w motor on a Pack Wheel hiking cart with disc brake

Here's a view of the 250W motor with a six bolt disc brake attachment on the Pack Wheel.


Checking the settings on a Recon Force BTC-7FHD

Say cheese. Chase and I got a "selfie" taken while setting up this Recon Force BTC-7FHD trail camera.


Wow what a wet spring we have had this year! I have been itching to get back out in the mountains for some time now. KB and I were able to put out a couple trail cameras in March when we went coyote hunting since then it have been raining like crazy. When it rains the mountain turns into a greasy mess.

So the first week of June it had cleared out enough to dry out the roads to make it up the mountain. I had a ton of gear that I wanted to haul into the area I like to archery elk hunt. I had a couple of new Recon Force BTC-7FHD, a new Strike Force BTC- 5HD and several other Browning trail cameras I wanted to set out to watch the area. I also have been making a bunch of my 12v AA NiMh DIY rechargeable battery packs to use with the cameras to help save on the alkaline batteries I have been purchasing to feed the cameras.

Here's some of the items I needed to haul into the area: I took four metal Browning Tree Mounts, a collapsible shovel, video camera, saw, eight trail cameras, 132 AA batteries, and 90 pounds of minerals to help supplement the elk's diet... ok, the minerals are to hopefully help keep the elk in the area come archery season.

So needless to say I had a crap pile of gear and I didn't want to spend all day making trips up the mountain to get all the stuff in that I needed. In the past to haul in tree stands and ground blinds I have used my 29er or 26 inch Pack Wheels to haul them in. This time I had considerably more weight in gear to take in. The Pack Wheel has been great going up the steep game trails with the gear in the past but this time I had a lot more to get in.

To get it all in one trip I wanted to try running a motor on the Pack Wheel. I picked up a 29er kit e-bike kit to see how it would work. I went with the smallest battery version available because it was the lightest. I figured that I shouldn't need a huge heavy battery because I was still be pushing and would use the motor to give me a boost on the really steep game trails. I will admit I was a little curious to see what power this motor would have with the really large 29er wheel. Simple logic made sense that the smaller the wheel the lower the gear ratio and torque/power.

The e-bike kit installed rather easily and quickly on the Pack Wheel. I did have to file out the sides of the axle slots just a smidgen to get the axle to fit down into place. I also had to use a washer shim included with the quick releases to get the disc to align with the rotor slot. The cables are way too long for the small Pack Wheel so I wound the cable around in a loop and velcro tied it to the handle and the battery pack fit nicely on the back of the handle.

On the really steep inclines the motor would get bogged down if I wasn't pushing myself but as long as I was pushing at the same time it worked really well at helping move the heavy load up the mountain. I did find that with this large 29er wheel the motor wanted to travel a little faster than I wanted to hike. All-in-all the motor helped tremendously and saved me hours of time in either taking multiple trips.

The wheel rolled completely smooth with no noise or resistance when I wasn't using the motor, just smooth free wheeling You can ever so slightly feel some resistance and hear a light noise when the wheel rolls backwards. When using the motor it creates a faint amount of noise.

I'm now going to try this motor on a 20 and or 24 inch wheel. I'm confident the smaller wheel will provide more torque and power so that the motor doesn't get bogged down as much when I slow down. The smaller wheel will also slow down the pace of my hiking so that I don't feel like I am "running" up the mountain. I'll start working on trying a smaller wheel for next time out.

Having this e-bike motor kit setup on the Pack Wheel added an additional 8-9 pounds of weight, almost doubling the overall weight. I do think given the right situation the motor will come in vary handy. Situations like this one where I have a bunch of gear I need to haul up the mountain on steep trails and I am in an area that a motor would not be restricted. Most of the time I'll still be using the Pack Wheel without a motor to do my backpacking and hunting trips but the motor does make for a nice additional option if I need it.

The two Browning trail cameras I had out since March captured a ton of mule deer and various other critters. They actually got a few coyotes on them which has KB all worked up since he helped me setup those two cameras when we were up in there coyote hunting in March. Too funny.

Crossing the creek on a log with a Pack Wheel

Ruff Grouse

On the way back off the mountain crossing a creek with my Pack Wheel. Even on this narrow log the Pack Wheel provided a great extra point of contact to keep my balance by riding the brake.


Here's a Ruff Grouse that was in the area.


Alps Crossfire X Day Pack

Yellow Wildflower

My forvorite daypack a Alps Crossfire X. This pack is really comfortable.


Lots of these yellow wildflowers were all over the place on this trip out.




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