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The DIY Hunter in action.A little about The DIY Hunter.

Hi, I'm Brady Smith, I grew up in Morgan, Utah. I am a graduate from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

As you can see from the website I am an avid big game hunter. I get my personal batteries recharged by hunting, usually alone, in rugged mountain country. Some people run marathons, I get much the same satisfaction hauling a boned out mule deer up 1600 vertical feet and five miles back to the truck.

I am a Web Guru, jack of all web trades, web developer, content manager, web server administrator, web database administrator, designer, search engine optimization guru, flash developer, you name it, Web guy. I have been employed at Browning since the fall of 2000 as the Webmaster for and I also enjoy taking photos with more than a few of my photos showing up around and

As you read through my journal entries you will see that I express my thoughts and opinions of different products that I come across and use. Being employed by Browning you will see that I use a lot of Browning product and Winchester Repeating Arms product, rifles and shotguns that Browning is licensed to produce (got to love that employee discount). The thoughts and opinions on this website are my personal opinions and do not reflect those of my employer or anyone else, unless I were to explicitly state otherwise in a journal entry. This is my personal website for my personal pleasure and enjoyment. My website has become a creative outlet for me to learn different web technologies that I would not get a chance to learn with the daily routines of my day job.

I hope you enjoy the website.

Brady Smith
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Brady Smith - The DIY Hunter

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