Pack Wheel — Lightweight 8 1/2 Pound Game or Hiking Cart

After I hauled out my cow elk this past winter on a DIY hunt and my DIY muzzleloader mule deer the previous fall I knew that my lightweight collapsible cart was just too cool not the share it with others. So for the past few months it has been crazy as I have been working relentlessly at getting my lightweight game cart ready to sell.

I have decided to call the lightweight cart "Pack Wheel." Originally I designed the cart to help me with my crazy do-it-yourself mule deer and elk hunts I go on in Northern Utah. At the time I called it the Meat Cart but since I have realized that the cart can be used for so much more than hauling out big game. Thus the name Pack Wheel... and truth be known was the best domain name that was available that I liked... this had a strong influence in naming the cart — Pack Wheel.

Over the past couple of months I have been spending a lot of time studying specs of bicycle components, materials and other possible components that would work best for the cart. I have also been ordering many different components and weighing them and testing them to make sure they are the light yet strong enough for the task, at a price that isn't astronomical.

I have also been testing different prototypes of the Pack Wheel with various different bicycle components. Tweaking the design here and there trying to get it "perfected" before I start production. One of the options that I have been going back and forth on is whether I use a dick brake system or a v-brake system. The disk brakes work the best and offer flexibility in the size of disk used. The larger the disk diameter the greater the braking power. With heavy loads that I have been testing on the carts the disk brakes have performed better and if the rims were to get wet from going through snow or a stream the disk brakes would definitely perform better. As it looks like for now the original Pack Wheel carts will most likely be offered with the disk brake system and maybe in the future a lower priced v-brake version will be offered.

I also have been testing bicycle panniers for use on the Pack Wheel. I really like the Axiom line of Panniers in particular the Cartier DLX. They have a bungee chord tension system with a hook that latches directly to the Pack Wheel in seconds. For the price Nashbar's ATB panniers can't be beat. They aren't quite as nice as the Axiom Cartier DLX panniers but they aren't too bad of panniers. I also have tried a couple sets of REI's Novara brand panniers. They are some really nice panniers at a premium price however the system they use to attach the pannier to a rack does not work very well with the Pack Wheel. You can get the Novara's to work but it takes some work to get them posistioned properly and they also do not offer any bungee chord or strap to hold the pannier in position.

The Pack Wheel has been performing wonderfully on the single track trails that I have been taking it out to test the cart with. For me packing anything less than 75 or so pounds on the cart and I don't even notice the weight at all. Now I am a bigger guy and would like to think that I am pretty strong, however there is no discomfort or effort needed at all in pushing this cart loaded with 70 pounds of gear up or down a trail. It's like the weight isn't even there. Just amazing!

It is looking like sometime the first of July of 2012 that I will have the Pack Wheel carts available for sale on

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