Single Wheeled Mother-of-All Elk and Deer Carts

Single Wheeled Elk and Deer Cart

If you can get this game cart to your downed animal and you have at least a second person with you this single wheel big game cart is as good as it gets for hauling out the entire deer or elk from just about anywhere. A big game cart very similar to my father's cart is GameTote's big game cart.

Years ago my father built a one wheeled elk and deer cart. As you can see my father was a source for my big game hunting passion and where I got some of creative DIY hunting ideas. Many of my fondest memories where hunting with my father in my youth. It is now fun to pass that passion along to my children as they are getting old enough to hunt with me.

This cart is the mother of all deer carts. It's as solid a big game cart as it gets and will haul deer and elk out easily. The cart was built back in the day when big bucks were abound within a few miles from the road and boning a deer out was not as common a practice as it is now.

The cart is built around a single motorcycle wheel and has a great break system built right into it. With this deer cart you can put a couple whole deer on it and two guys can haul them out of almost anywhere. The cart can be used by one to four people or more people at a time depending on how many guys you have and the size of the load.

I used this game cart a few times with my father when I was a teenager. Since those early hunting days I have changed much of my hunting style and choose to hunt areas that require a backpack to get in and out off. I have also been developing a much smaller lightweight, collapsible, single wheel deer cart that I can carry on my back when I hike into the areas I hunt. This lightweight deer cart works great for hauling out boned out elk or deer meat.

Some reasons why I have stopped using this game cart are: It's huge and heavy making it difficult to transport. The cart will not fit in my SUVs. It is better suited for use with two people and I often hunt alone. With the long distances that I hunt away from my SUV I don't like making an extra trip back to get the game cart before I can start hauling out the deer or elk. I prefer a lighter cart that I can take in with me hunting. I like a game cart that is more maneuverable on tight trails and can be operated by a single person. I prefer to bone out my animals to buy me extra time keeping the meat from spoiling and it lightens the load. For the style of hunting I do the Pack Wheel game cart offers the greatest ease of getting the cart to the deer/elk and hauling that deer/elk back off the mountain. The Pack Wheel works great for backpacking, and for hunters hauling boned out deer and elk meat.

It amazes me how many game carts that are on the market that are side-by-side two wheeled carts. I would guess that a two wheeled cart would be great for all the times you are on a road or other flat terrain. Well if you spend any time in elk and mule deer country you'll find yourself up, down, side-hilling, around and over all varieties of terrain and obstacles. Many of the public lands I hunt do have narrow hiking trails and game trails where a single wheeled cart can really save your back and a lot of time. There just isn't anyway a two wheeled cart is even going to fit on a narrow trail and good luck keeping one of these carts from tipping over when you have to side-hill around a slope.

Below are some videos of me using my collapsible lightweight game cart, a game cart small and light enough to carry with me on my backpack while I hunt. This is the game cart I prefer to use for the style of hunting I now do.

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