Landen and Dallen's 2017 Rifle Elk Hunt


It's #trailcamtuesday!

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Right on the heels of helping Dallen with his muzzleloader mule deer hunt and it’s the rifle elk hunt. Landen and Dallen had tags this year but we also didn’t have a lot of time to go so we had to hunt fairly close to home.

The night before the opener KB, Landen and I were cooking Mountain House Chicken and Dumpling in the tent. Unfortunately, Big D had to work the morning of the opener. The morning of the opener we starting out hiking in the dark headed for our favorite place to hunt. 

All that morning it was pretty dead. In fact, I think we only heard one shot on the mountain that could have been elk hunters. Around midday, we decided to check the trail cameras I have in the area. The cameras showed that the last elk a few days before the opener and only a couple of cows. 

That afternoon Dallen came up to hunt with us but we still were unable to find any elk. The boys were a little sad.

So back to work and school. Except Dallen had some time off and went up the mountain by himself. He did find some cow elk on the neighboring CWMU but a couple days of hunting and he was pretty discouraged at not finding any elk.

The following Saturday given our lack of seeing anything the boys weren’t excited to spend a Saturday hiking around not seeing anything again so we went to their comp basketball games instead. This was a mistake as I later found out thanks to my trail cameras that a six-point bull was in our hunting area and bugling on that very Saturday at 10:30 am. Ahh!!!!

We did get out one more time but it proved to just be more exercise and no elk. Darn it. We talked about doing a deep backcountry elk hunt next year in the Uinta mountains. We’ll have to see if we can fit that in next year.

Next up is Landen and my Utah rifle deer hunt.

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