2015 Utah Muzzleloader Deer Hunt

Alps Extreme Commander Pack and Pack Wheel

Using my Alps Commander Extreme frame pack to carry my spotting scope, CVA Accura V2 muzzleloader and Double Crossed Shooting Sticks. The rest of my gear is loaded on the Pack Wheel.


Muzzlelaoder hunting with CVA Accura V2

Selfie of me with my CVA accura V2 muzzleloader.


Glassing for mule deer with Vortex Razor HD spotting scope

Glassing for mule deer with my Vortex Razor HD 11-33x50 spotting scope. I love this little spotting scope.


Alps Chaos 3 Tent

Sleeping in "luzury" in my Alp Chaos 3 tent.


CVA Accura V2muzzleloader with Vortex 1x24 scope

My CVA Accura V2 muzzleloader with Vortex 1x24 scope.


Pack Wheel hiking cart loaded going along the trail.

Pack Wheel hiking cart loaded with my gear going along the trail. I have my Alps Crossfire X day pack strapped on top.

After Dallen's successfully getting a nice buck on the opening day of the muzzleloader deer hunt I was itching to get back out on the mountain and find a nice buck for myself. I was packing my new CVA Accura V2 with Vortex 1x24 scope that Dallen used on his muzzleloader hunt to take his buck at 192 yards.

Even with only a one power scope shooting milk jugs out to 200 yards was not a problem for the Accura V2 muzzleloader when I was setting up the muzzleloader.

I planned on hunting the last four days of the hunt. I had my dad drop me off at the trail-head and I started the six mile hike across the mountain with the assistance of my 29er Pack Wheel hiking cart.

The spot I wanted to hunt generally is only hunted by a few guys who hunt from horses and that is only during the rifle season. Of those that hunt in this area I am not aware of anyone hiking down into some of the area I like to hunt. So as always I had really high hopes that I would be able to find a nice buck or two in the area.

As I was hiking in I glassed occasionally and found a few small bucks but nothing of any size.

This trip a took a luxury with me, my Alps Choas 3 tent. On many of my trips I only take a tarp and a military poncho to save on weight. With my 29er Pack Wheel I wasn't as concerned about the extra weight of carrying a tent. This tent is quite lightweight, very breathable, with lots of room inside and it sure was nice to crawl into in the evenings.

For the next three days I spent hour after hour glassing. The weather was a little warm for this time of the year and the deer weren't very active during daylight hours. What I found successful in finding deer was to glass for a half hour then move 50 yards around a canyon rim and glass the same areas again and again and again from the different angles to see if I could spot any bedded deer. Where I wouldn't see a deer from one angle I would from slightly different angle.

Although I was able to find a lot of bedded deer I was unable to find bucks of any size. I did one evening find a pretty looking 4 point buck buck but after examining it with my Vortex Razor HD spotting scope I found it to be a might on the small size. Having the spotting scope with me saved me a long hike going after this buck.

One evening I could hear a elk bugling off and on while I was in my tent. The next morning I found a 3x5 and two spike elk. I made a few cow calls with a cow call I always carry with me and the two spikes came on a string all the way across a large canyon right into my lap. I was able to get some nice photos and video of the three bulls.

On another day while I was glassing a canyon I heard something to my left and a cougar was coming over the ridge and going to pass right in front of me. I was able to reach back and grab my camera just in time to snap three quick photos of him. Upon a close look at the photos I noticed that the cougar had been hooked with what I would guess to be a deer antler in the side of his face making a nasty rip in is face. This cougar passed by at 21 yards in front of me.

On the last day I hunted I only found a single deer, a three point that was bedded. So much for getting a deer this year. At some point in my life I'll get rewarded for my hard work with a nice buck but apparently it wasn't to happen for me again this year. It was pretty disheartening to work as hard as I did, to hunt such a remote area, and not see any decent bucks to go after. It still was a lot of fun and I will always remember the cougar and those three bull elk playing around.

I think I really need to find a way financially to be able to hunt out of the state of Utah. I hear lots of stories of large bucks in the surrounding states on general public ground.

Mountain Lion with cut face

Mountain Lion with cut face

Mountain Lion with rip in his face that I would guess happened with an antler hooking this kitties face.


At this spot the Mountain Lion is 21 yards from where I am sitting.


Bull elk at wallow

Spike Elk up close

These young bull elk played around a lot at this wallow. I have some shaky hand held video footage of these three bulls on this page.


Spike elk up really close. It's amazing what a cow call can do to a bull elk. Two of these spikes came all the way across the canyon and right into my lap for a nice photo shoot.


Sunset on Salt Lake

Filtering water from spring

Sunset one evening.

I made a little dam under this rock to filtering water from this spring.


Mule Deer buck on CWMU

Doe and fawn bedded in a favorite deer bed

This was the largest buck I saw on the hunt and he wasn't big at all, not to mention he was across the canyon on a CWMU.


Doe and fawn bedded in a favorite deer bed.


small mule deer buck bedded

small mule deer buck bedded

Small buck bedded in the scrubby pines...


and another small buck bedded.


small mule deer buck bedded

small mule deer buck bedded

and another...


and another.


small mule deer buck bedded

small mule deer bucks

How about one more small buck bedded.


And some more small bucks.


small 4 point mule deer

Pack Wheel hiking cart

The largest buck I could find on public ground. A beautiful 18 inch wide four point.


My Pack Wheel hiking cart.


Dusky Grouse

Goal Zero charging phone

This Dusky Grouse was keeping an eye on me one morning.


Charging my phone with a Goal Zero solar panel.



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