Win a Henry Mountains Mule Deer Hunt from Huntin’ Fool

My friends at Huntin’ Fool are offering a chance at an awesome Mule Deer hunt on the Henry Mountains, a Red Rock Precision custom rifle and many other awesome hunts as part of their membership drive this year.  They sent this information to me that I wanted to pass along... wait, do I? I want to win. ;) I would love to hunt the Henry's for mule deer. Having a guide say this area or this area is where the bucks hang out would be nice but then I enjoy sleeping on the mountain and finding the bucks really my greatest enjoyment of any hunt whether I fill my tag or not. Not that there is anything wrong with having a guide, it's just not my preference. Anyhow, here's the info.

Henry Mountains Mule Deer Hunt

Huntin’ Fool is currently holding its 2014 Summer Membership Drive and we are excited to announce a giveaway like never before, and possibly never again. We have purchased the hunt of a lifetime and we are going to give it to one lucky member: A fully guided Henry Mountains mule deer hunt and a custom rifle.

Huntin Fool MagazinesThe winner of this once-in-a-lifetime hunt will be guided by North Rim Outfitters with the Huntin’ Fool team assisting. Along with the collective experience of North Rim Outfitters and the Huntin’ Fool team, the winner will also receive a Red Rock Precision custom rifle to help them take a trophy buck.

We are also giving away 15 other world-class hunts. Huntin’ Fool members can win a stone sheep hunt, multiple mule deer and elk hunts, a combination elk/deer/wolf/black bear hunt, and many others. These are fully paid for hunts with guaranteed tags, giving winners the opportunity to hunt trophy sized animals with our endorsed outfitters.

The Summer Membership Drive runs through July 31, 2014 and you must be a Huntin’ Fool member to enter. For more details about this unique opportunity to win a Henry Mountains hunt or any of our other prizes, or becoming a member of Huntin’ Fool, visit

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