28 Nosler Handloads and Ballistics

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28 Nosler, Browning X-Bolt, Vortex Viper HS LR, Hornady 175 Gr ELD-X, 3 Shot Group

My first outing with my 28 Nosler, Browning X-Bolt. Three different loads with the Hornady 175 Gr ELD-X all shot under an inch at 100 yards. I think I'm going to really like this rifle.


Below are my personal favorite loads for my Browning X-Bolt affectionately named The Black Pearl by my boys. To view the loads you will need to read the warning near the bottom of the page, then accept the warning by checking the box inside the warning.

So far the only bullet I have been playing with in my 28 Nosler X-Bolt is the 175 Gr Hornady ELD-X. As I work with other bullets I will add them to my load data.

If you are needing printable targets for sighting in your rifle you can get them here.

WARNING: The load information on this page is for my personal use in my personal firearms and is posted for entertainment purposes only. If you chose to reload the 28 Nosler use only data contained in current manufacturer's reloading manuals. Incorrectly reloaded ammunition can cause serious personal injury and damage to the firearm due to excessive pressure. Reload only after proper instruction and in strict compliance with instruction and data contained in current manufacturer's reloading manuals. If you choose to use the load data on theDIYhunter.com • 243wssm.com you are doing so at your own risk. theDIYhunter.com • 243wssm.com is not responsible for injury and/or death resulting from data posted or referred to on this Website. Improper reloading is dangerous. Users assume all risk, responsibility, and liability for any and all injuries (including death), losses or damages to persons or property (including consequential damages), arising from the use of any data posted on this site. If you have read and accept this warning check this box to view my 28 Nosler load data.


Spending a little more time with the Black Pearl tonight. Shot a 2 1/8" group that is only 1" vertically, at 300 yards with H-1000 load #12 from my ladder a couple days ago. Also shot a Retumbo ladder tonight. I'm getting close to nailing down a load. #xbolt #vortexoptics #vortexnation #28nosler #browning #targetshooting #rifle #whatgetsyououtdoors

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Shot three shots to verify a 175 gr ELD-X load to take to #spiritridgeriflegolf -- 3217, 3219 and 3217 fps were the three velocities with a mild load of Retumbo. I'll post load data to my blog. #28nosler #eldx #browning #chrony #targetshooting #bullet #xbolt #hornady #hodgdon #loadyourown #reloading #reload

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