150 Gr Hornady SST In My 270 WSM X-Bolt

Hornady 150 Gr SST - 270 WSM X-Bolt

Shooting the Hornady 150 Gr SST out of my Browning X-Bolt 270 WSM.

I've been slowly working on getting a load for the Hornady 150 Gr SST bullet. I haven't been too tickled with the accuracy and performance on critters with the 150 Gr Accubond Long Range. And then there are the Berger 150 Gr VLDs that shoot really well in my 270 WSM Model 1885 but this particular load doesn't shoot so well in my X-Bolt.

Not to get confused with what load goes with what gun I like each rifle to have only certain bullets for each rifle. So in this case I know that any 270 WSMs loaded with a VLD I know that they go in my Model 1885.

The G7 BC of 0.245 for the 150 SST isn't quite as good as the G7 of 0.265 for the 150 VLD but I really like the price of the SST bullets compared to the Accubond LR and VLD. SSTs also get good reviews on their performance on big game so I am hopefull this will now be my go to bullet for my X-Bolt.

I took three trips to the range testing loads but I finally have a really accurate load that I am excited to start using in the field.

Check out the data for this load on my 270 WSM Loads page.


Hornady 150 Gr SST 3 Shot Groups from a 270 WSM X-Bolt

The 3 shot 100 yard groups with the Hornady 150 Gr SST out of my Browning X-Bolt 270 WSM. Three different powder charges at the same seating depth. The flier on lower right group may well have been my fault. Nonetheless all three groups are sub MOA.

More Load Testing & Scope Mounting Tweaks On My CVA Accura V2

Target bullet groups

The 3 shot 100 yard groups I shot today with my CVA Accura V2, Browning X-Bolt in 270 WSM and my Model 1885 in 300 Win Mag. 

After my first two trips out to testing bullets and a Vortex Viper HS LR scope on my muzzleloader I found that I greatly lacked MOA adjustment in the scope and that the 300 Gr AeroLite bullets were giving me the best accuracy.

I went back to the drawing board with mounting the scope. I kept the EGW rail but turned it around. I turned it around so that the overhang of the rail would cover the blast that escapes and was coating the bottom of my scope with nasty crap. My idea worked great other than I needed to but safety goggles on because to defected crap back into my face. I am going to solve the deflecting debris by sticking a small piece of felt across the top of the receiver or the bottom of the rail and see how that works.

To get the turret back near below center I purchased some Medium height Burris Signature Zee Rings. I then used the inserts to cant the scope forward as much as I possibly could. According to the inserted chart I should pickup 15.2 MOA with the 4.75 inches between the two rings that I have.

I also picked up a Blackhorn loose powder breech plug. This breech plug is designed to provide a more consistent ignition for those that shoot the loose powder instead of the pellets.

Last trip out 130 Gr of powder shot a group just a smidgen larger than an inch. After a bore sighting shot aimed at the center of all the targets I first shot the 130 Gr load again. With the new breech plug 130 Gr didn't shoot as well so I tried 140 and then 120 Gr and bingo 120 Gr group is near 3/4 inch. Better that my X-Bolt with the SSTs today. Wow! It amazes me that a smoke pole can shoot this well.

After shooting today and zeroing the scope for the 120 Gr load that shot so well I now have 46 MOA of adjustment left to dial up long shots which would max me out at around 550 yards according to Strelok Pro. I will need to verify my drops by finding a place to shoot out to 500 yards in the next month or so. 

Today I also brought along my 270 WSM X-Bolt and my 300 Win Mag Model 1885. I have been doing a little load development with the 150 Gr Hornady SST and the 212 Hornady ELD-X bullets. I had four different H1000 powder charges for the 150 SST's and two different H1000 charges for the ELD-X bullets. I have shot a few groups with these bullets earlier this summer and I'm seeing good results with the 150 SST but so far just plain bad results with the ELD-X. I'm starting to lean toward the ELD-X may need a powder other than my favorite H1000 or it likes to be seated way off the lands.

I would like to have the 150 SST setup for Dallen to hunt with for muleys and elk by the first of October. The one group is under an inch. I'm getting close with the SST.



EGW Rail on CVA Accura V2

The EGW rail works great at keeping my scope clean but deflects debris back to my face. I am going to try sticking a piece of felt to the receiver or rail in the narrow slot you can see here. 

Shooting At Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf Course In 2016



Had a blast once again shooting at Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf Course. This year I decided to shoot the Master's course with my 243 WSSM Model 1885 with 95 Gr Berger VLD bullets. The little 95ers were a little difficult with the wind at the really long ranges but all in all I shot ok with them.

I had a lot of fun testing bullets and rifles on the driving range in the heat of the afternoon after shooting the course. Here are some of my video highlights from the day.

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