243 WSSM Horandy Seating Die Alignment Sleeves

Hornady 243 WSSM seating dies

The 6mm seating dies come with an alignment sleeve that has a inside diameter of right around 0.28 inches. This is too small for the diameter of the neck on 243 WSSM brass.

To get the 6mm seating dies to work with the 243 WSSM you will need to order alignment sleeve #398559 from Hornady that has a 0.29 inch inside diameter.


Most of my reloading dies are Hornady. I like the seating dies and how they have alignment sleeves to assist in guiding the bullet to align it better... or at least they look like they should be better.

I had a Hornady two die 243 WSSM set, product number 546225. This die set has been great with a resizing die and a seating die. What I have been doing the past couple years is get multiple seating dies per caliber. I do this because when I get a particular load shooting the way I want I don't want to touch the die any more. Because I don't want to mess with the die I get multiple seating dies with one for each load I work up.

So I though I could just by more 6mm seating dies (product #044103). Well that almost worked. What I found was that when I would seat the bullet the neck of the case would get stuck in the bullet alignment sleeve.

The brass is extra thick on the WSSM cases making the outer diameter of the neck too large to fit in the alignment sleeve of the 6mm seating dies.

After a couple calls and emails to Hornady we found the correct alignment sleeve for the 243 WSSM. The alignment sleeve that comes in the 6mm seating dies needs to be replaced with alignment sleeve #398559 for it to work with the 243 WSSM.

Dallen's High School Basketball Junior Year Highlights

Dallen's Broken Finger

Dallen's broken finger.


When we are not out hunting and shooting, chasing kids to basketball games tends to be one of our families common practices.

Dallen had a rough year this past year. He broke is finger mid season and dealt with some other things that necessitated us moving him to another school. Dallen is excited to be playing at Layton Christian Academy for his senior year of 2015-16.

In our cow elk hunts this past winter dallen was hunting with a sock over the cast on his left hand.

Dallen loves basketball, is right hand dominant yet drives and shoots with his left hand more than his right. He reminds me of Charles Barkley with his size, strength and ability to shoot from the outside.  Although he doesn't shoot much from the outside his junior year he has a great shot from behind the arch and I except he will be shooting the three ball his senior season.

Dallen is built like a college football tight end, but basketball is what he loves. I know he is really hopeful that he can find a place on a college team. He's working hard to be a really strong power forward that can shoot the three ball, drive and spin to the basket. I'm excited to watch him play his senior year at LCA.

Anyhow here's a few highlights from his junior year. Check out his footwork and the use of his left hand.


Here's a full game of him after he came back from having a broke finger. In this game against Union he played around 8-10 minutes and did quite well. It's the last regular season game of the year and he gets the most minutes in a varsity game all year. Dallen checks into the game at 23:45, 39:24 in the video below. Dallen is number is 33 in the dark uniform.


Here's the highlights from the full game above from my camera.

Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf - 300 Win Mag Model 1885

Tee Off With A Bang at Spirit Ridge

Dallen, my father in law, brother in law and nephew at Spirit Ridge.


Calculating slope angle with Strelok Pro

Using the slope angle camera calculator feature inside of Strelok Pro. This is really cool. You touch the Slope Angle field in the App and a camera view opens up with a crosshair. Just place the crosshair on the target area and press ok and it uses the phone to give you the angle of the shot.


Winchester Model 1885 in 300 Win Mag and 208 Hornady A-Max bullet

Winchester Model 1885 in 300 Win Mag sporting a Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 MOA second focal plane rifle scope and my 208 Hornady A-Max load.


This summer I was able to shoot at Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf course on two occasions. The first trip I used my Winchester Model 1885 in 300 Win Mag and shot 215 Berger Hybrid bullets. 

On this first trip there were a few fliers that I just couldn't explain other than there was something wrong with the rifle. Upon returning home I shot some groups at 300 yards with the 215 Berger Hybrid and the 208 A-Max. Both five shot groups were in the 5 inch range. Not very stellar. I looked over the rifle and found the the forearm wood was touching the barrel. I thought that I had fixed this when I first setup the rifle. A little sanding and some polyurethane and the barrel was back free floating.

A second trip to the range to shoot groups at 300 yards turn in much better results. A 3 inch five shot group for the 215 Bergers and about a 2 inch five shot group for the 208 A-Max. This was much better. I was now ready for another trip to Spirit Ridge.

On my second trip to Spirit Ridge I decided to shot the 208 A-Max out of my Model 1885 since they grouped better at 300 yards.  I'm probably going to tweak my 215 Berger Hybrid load a little more before I shoot them at long range again although a 3 inch group at 300 yards is a minute of angle I think I can get them shooting a little better.

The biggest thing I learned from this trip is that I need to learn to judge and calculate the wind.

Being able to make shots on targets at long range requires a good rifle, high ballistic coefficient bullets, a good tactical scope, sub MOA accurate loads and a ballistics app to calculate the shots. My app of choice is Strelok Pro combined with the weather censors inside my Samsung Galaxy S4 android phone. Strelok Pro was dead on both days with targets ranging from 350 to 1,000 yards. My misses were always the result of judging the wind incorrectly.

The highlight of the round was hitting the small Master's course 1,000 yard target. For hitting the target a got another 1,000 Club cap from my friends at Spirit Ridge. I got my first 1,000 Club cap last year shooting my Model 1885 chambered in 270 WSM.


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