Mossy Oak TreeStand Camouflage Photos Archery Elk Hunting

Archery elk hunting with Mossy Oak TreeStand Camo in Quaking Aspens

Doing my best impression of a quaking aspen with Mossy Oak Treestand camouflage.

Here are a few more photos of Mossy Oak Treestand camouflage while I was out archery elk hunting in September of 2011. Most of what I have been wearing lately is Mossy Oak Treestand camo. I think it gives me one of the most versatile camo patterns for various high altitude terrains that I primarily hunt in Utah.

All of these photos are taken within about a half mile area that I like to hunt elk in Northern Utah. An area like much of the west with widely diverse colors of vegetation and terrain. Step over the ridge and I step out of heavy pines and into sage brush then swing around onto the east facing slopes and I find myself in mixed quaking aspens and maple trees.

As you will see in many of the photos I have started wearing shorts for easy access to adjust my knee braces. My compression fit undergarment pants and shirt are the notoriously dark Mossy Oak New Break-Up.

You can read more on my thoughts on camouflage patterns effectiveness in my Camouflage Comparison Article.

Mossy Oak TreeStand Camo in Pines while Archery Elk Hunting

Mossy Oak TreeStand Camo in Sage Brush and Rock While Archery Elk Hunting

Here I am in the pines, some variety of fir.

Again you will notice the Treestand shorts and t-shirt and the darker New Break-Up sleeves, legs, bow and backpack.

Mossy Oak Treestand in mixed short sage brush and granite rock.

My Arm in Mossy Oak TreeStand Camo on a Granite Rock While Archery Elk Hunting

Mossy Oak TreeStand Camo in Quaking Aspens While Archery Elk Hunting

My arm in Mossy Oak Treestand camo on a granite boulder where I was taking a mid-day nap. Mossy Oak Treestand camo in quaking aspens mixed with maple trees.


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