Managing Rifle Recoil at the Shooting Bench

I've had my share of scope bites of the forehead throughout the years. I'm fairly tall at 6' 7" and I often think the length of pull on many rifles just isn't long enough to fit my large frame and my forehead often pays the price. More than often shooting at the bench is my biggest culprit for marking my forehead in red.

Years ago I found a little trick to how I positioned my rifle in the shooting bag that has saved my forehead ever since. What I do is keep my rifle sling on my rifle and wrap it around and under the center of my shooting bag. I then snug up the sling on the front edge of the shooting bag. In doing this it basically holds the rifle with the shooting bag when the rifle recoils so the rifle pulls against the weight of the shooting bag.

This simple trick has do wonders to saving my forehead. Here is a video clip I put together that shows what I do to manage the recoil at the bench.

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