Testing a Vortex 4-16x50 HS LR Scope On My CVA Accura V2

CVA Accura V2 with Vortex Viper HS LR

CVA Accura V2 with Vortex Viper 4-16x50 HS LR mounted with an EGW rail and a set of low Weaver Tactical 4 Hole scope rings.

300 Gr Muzzlelaoder Bullets

The four 300 Gr Muzzleloader Bullets that I tested today. Powerbelt Platinum, Powerbelt Aerolite, Hornady sabot SST, and Hornady FPB.

Elevation turret almost topped out

My elevation turret appears that it is almost topped out when zeroed offering me only 25 MOA adjustment for long shots. The hash marks on the turret indicate 6 rotations when in actuality there is just slightly over 3 rotations available for 79.5 MOA of total adjustment. Where it is zeroed right now I have just over one rotation for 25 MOA left to dial the long shots. I am working on getting a custom 20 MOA rail from EGW to give me 20 more MOA to adjust.

300 Gr Powerbelt Aerolite 3 shot group

My best group today was this 1 1/8" group with 300 Gr Powerbelt Aerolite bullets.

The Palm Saver on the end of the ramrod may be effecting the accuracy.

For really tight groups and long range accuracy the Palm Saver on the end of the ramrod may be effecting the accuracy by touching the barrel changing the harmonics.

With my Vortex Viper 4-16x50 HS LR mounted on my CVA Accura V2 muzzleloader I was itching to try it out. 

My first time out with this scope on my muzzleloader I had four different 300 grain bullets to test. the 300 grain bullets: Powerbelt Platinum, Powerbelt Aerolite, Hornady sabot SST, and Hornady FPB. To test these bullets all of my powder charges were 100 grains of FFG 777 loose powder.

My normal shooting range is closed right now for construction so I had to shoot out in the scorching sun for a couple hours as I tested muzzleloader. And it was a warm one in the mid 80s and very breezy. So not the most comforatable nor best conditions for me to shoot good groups, not to mention I am sun burnt, ouch!

On this trip out the Powerbelt Aerolite performed the best with a 1 1/8" group and the Powerbelt Platinum did the worst with a 7 inch group. My tests were not scientific in any nature so I will be out testing some more to see if the Aerolite is really the bullet I want to go with this year. With the exception of the Powerbelt Platniums, I am going to keep testing these bullets with different charges, hopefully in better weather conditions as the two Horandy bullet also shot well.

I like the idea of the Hornady FPB bullet and will still keep playing around with it however they were a bit of a pain to get lined up with the bore. They also have the most resistance of any bullet I have seated in a muzzleloader. Also, there were at least three bullets in the package of fifteen that had some QC problems with the cup of the base being rough and jagged. They shot ok but had some fliers that I couldn't account for the reason. I'll keep playing with them for now.

One thing I notice is that it appears I get better groups by not having the ramrod attached to the muzzlelaoder when I shoot. As an example I shot a 2 3/4" group with the ramrod attached and a 1 1/8" group with the ramrod off the muzzloader using the Powerbelt Aerolite bullets. There may have been barrel fowling issues or other factors opening up the one group but in general I have noticed I shoot better with the ramrod off the muzzleloader. It makes sense that the palm saver on the end of the ramrod can easily be rotated and touching the barrel and could definitely effect the harmonics of the barrel. Whenever I need to take a really long shot I will take the ramrod off to make sure I get the best accuracy. Most hunting shots in the 100 yard range I'm not going to worry about the ramrod, just the 200 plus yard shots.

The biggest thing I learned from this trip out is that I am going to have to alter my mounting of the scope. I am using an EGW rail with a set of low Weaver Tactical 4 Hole scope rings. The rail and rings work great I just have an issue with MOA adjustment of the scope. To get the muzzleloader zeroed at 100 yards I had to adjust the turret up so high as to only leave me with 24 MOA left to adjust. This is just not enough adjustment for what I am wanting. I really can't take any advantage of having such a nice scope on this muzzleloader with the lack of vertical adjustment. At a minimum I would like 35 MOA of vertical adjustment to take longer shots. My only option that I can see now is to go with Burris Signature Zee rings where I can use shims inside of the rings to add MOA but these rings are higher so I may need to add something to the comb. Hmm...

Now to figure out how to get the scope mounted better and up the powder charge to be able to have the energy needed at longer ranges.

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