Off Season Trail Camera Testing — Browning Recon Force Trail Camera Time-Lapse Feature

Browning Recon Force Trail Camera BTC-2

Browning Recon Force Trail Camera. (model BTC-2)
I have since been out scouting for elk and captured elk, mule deer, black bear and moose on the Browning Recon Force trail camera.

I got my first ever trail camera last week a Browning Recon Force model BTC-2 trail camera. I've had the camera all over the yard the past couple of days playing with the features. I'm excited to get it out on the mountain to see what I can find this year.

The coolest feature my creative side of the brain loves is the time-lapse options this camera offers. This feature is designed to capture game movement and the software included with the camera detects movement between images... that is if you you don't have it pointed at the sky. I found if you point it at the "sky" this is a really neat feature for capturing cool imagery of the clouds rolling across the Wasatch mountains near my house.

In the video the camera is set to take a photo every 20 seconds for this video. There are many other delay lengths to chose from. For capturing the clouds the 30 second delay and one minute delay were not as smooth as I would like. Every 20 seconds is as fast as I tried today. I will have to try faster delay times in the future.

Back at in the next day. I found that the time-lapse can be set to 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 second intervals. It also can be set to various minutes. I tried out the 5 second delay this evening and really liked how smooth the clouds moved across the mountains in the captured imagery.

Here is some time-lapse with a 5 second interval between photos.

Here is some time-lapse with a 20 second interval between photos.

I found out this week that Dallen my oldest son drew out for a youth elk hunt in Utah this year. We might be putting the trail camera to use trying to find him a nice bull to better the 4x5 elk he shot in 2012.

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