Setting Up a Weaver Picatinny Rail Scope Base on Browning BL-22 Rifle

Recently I picked up a red dot optic for my son Landen's BL-22 rifle. The Red dot scope looked to be a fun sight to shoot with on his rifle. The scope came ready to mount on a Weaver style picatinny rail. I found a couple of options to convert the 3/8" mounting groove on the top of the receiver to a Picatinny Rail.

After looking the options over I decided to go with a the Ironsighter adapter. The base did however require a little modification to get it to work on the Browning BL-22. The problem I ran into was that the groove on top of the receiver does not extend all the way to the front edge of the receiver. With the base being longer than the receiver the groove on the base had to be milled off to match the ending point of the groove in the receiver.

Browning BL-22 Picatinny rail red dot sight

3/8 scope mount groove BL-22 rifle

Getting the 3/8" groove to Weaver picatinny rail conversion base to work on a BL-22 required milling off the lower groove on the front portion of the base. You can see that the bottom edge of the base is milled off for about an inch back along the front of the receiver and barrel area.


The 3/8" scope mount groove on the Browning BL-22 rifle tapers out before reaching the front edge of the receiver. Because of this, the base had to have the groove milled off because it would not hang over the front edge of the receiver.


Landen and KB Shooting BB gun and BL-22 rifles

Pop can shot by BL-22 and BB gun

KB and Landen shooting a BB gun and BL-22 rifle at pop cans while camping.


Shot up pop can the boys were shooting at.


Ironsighter 22 rifle picatinny rail adapter

Ironsighter 3/8" mount to Picatinny rail adapter I used on my son's BL-22 rifle.  


Update March 2015
A friend of mine pointed out some really cool little Dovetail to Picatinny Rail Adaptors from UTG, MNT-DT2PW01. There are two of these adapters in the packet with only one needed to mount our red dot sight. With one of these small adapters we are able to lower the scope by a good half inch putting the scope in a more comfortable alignment to shooting the rifle.

UTG Dovetail to Picatinny Rail adapter

BL-22 with Dovetail to Picatinny Rail Adaptors from UTG, MNT-DT2PW01

Dovetail to Picatinny Rail Adaptors from UTG, MNT-DT2PW01 (pictured one of two that come in the package)


Dovetail to Picatinny Rail Adaptor clamps inside of the Weaver style mount built into this red dot scope. This system fits nicely to the 3/8" scope mount groove on the Browning BL-22.



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