2011 Prairie Dog Hunt Take Two — 600 Yard Direct Hit on Video

Prairie Dog Sitting on Mound

Typical view of a white-tailed prairie dog sitting on a mound in Wyoming.

I played hooky from work so Dallen and I could take a second trip this year for prairie dogs as a birthday present to myself. The wind wasn't nearly as bad as our first trip prairie dog hunting earlier this year. I did rig my tripod up with weight hanging from it to steady it more. With the steadier tripod and less wind I was able to get much better video and I was also now able to take video in full HD 1920x1080 with my FujiFilm HS20exr camera.

With the wind being more under control this trip we spent much of our time shooting at prairie dogs in the longer more challenging ranges of 300 to 600 yards with my 243 WSSM. Dallen used his A-Bolt 223 Rem. on many of the closer shots (170 to 250 yards).

Below are some videos clips from the day. My favorite shot of the day was when I took a prairie dog at right around 600 yards with a bullet going 4240 fps while my spotter (Dallen!) was taking a break/snooze to get a snack from the truck. I wasn't able to get my rangefinder to give a range off this prairie dog mound however I was able to range a prairie dog mound that was closer at 571 yards. By judging the distance behind the mound I could get a range off, I feel confident in guessing the shot at 600 yards give or take a few.


Here are some prairie dogs getting airborne in slow motion mixed with HD video clips that have audio.


Here is a slow motion video clip of a miss on a prairie dog at somewhere around 475 yards. The vapor trail was very noticeable on this shot. You can even see the vapor trail being blown by the wind during the first part of it traveling across this draw.

I use my Fujifilm HS20exr camera with a frame rate set at 80 frames per second for the slow motion video clips and full HD 1920x1080 for the clips that have audio. I also had a Sony VCL-DH1758 teleconverter on the camera to get a 51x (1224mm) optical power zoom which is very useful for the long distances we are shooting at the prairie dogs.

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